Our selection of the best stock trading platforms

With dozens or even hundreds of online trading platforms operating in the market, choosing the best one becomes increasingly difficult. There are different types of trading platforms. Some trading platforms are more specialized in CFDs or the online brokerage of binary options, while others allow you to invest in the traditional stock market. However, more diversity of choice means more competition between platforms and more quality for the user. And also more chances to choose the most suitable solution for each trader’s profile or interests, regardless of being a beginner or more experienced.

See below, in a very summarized, simple and to the point, list of eight top quality trading platforms, with tips to choose the best one for you!


eToro is, considering all its characteristics, one of the best trading platforms today. Consider:

The diversity of options, with over 250 ETFs and over 15 cryptocurrencies;
A large forex portfolio;
Shares of 2400 companies in 17 countries;
Facility for beginners, with guides and all the necessary information;
Very friendly usage fees;

Possibility of following other users, like a social network, and even copying their choices in full (something recommended only for beginners who are learning).
All of this, together with the fact that it is regulated by financial authorities such as the FCA, ASIC or CySEC, makes eToro deserve a prominent place among trading platforms.


The Ameritrade platform is one of the oldest, operating since 1975. With more than 11,000 funds and investment alternatives, this platform allows for more diversity and flexibility to investors. It has no minimum investment value, just a bank transfer to activate the investment account, and allows advanced financial analysis. However, it may not be suitable for beginning investors.


Plus500 is a great platform option for anyone interested in investing in forex and currency exchange. Users can make payments and withdrawals via bank card, bank transfer and also Paypal, and do not pay any fees. Heavy fees apply to anyone who wants to invest in Bitcoin on this platform; but the same is true for most trading platforms found on tradingplatforms.com, a site specialized in this matter.


As the name implies, Fidelity is suitable for those who want to invest in the long term. It has a minimum balance required and also minimum time periods (charging high fees to those who withdraw their money before the deadlines). But it becomes rewarding for those who are not urgent and are planning to retire.


Robinhod became especially famous after the Gamestop phenomenon, in which it appeared to be the victim of its own success. In the overwhelming majority of transactions, however, everything on this platform goes without a hitch. It is especially suitable for anyone interested in investing in shares of American companies.

Charles Schwaab

Charles Schwaab is one of the classic names in the world of trading platforms, but that doesn’t stop it, interestingly, from being the platform with the most complete applications. Available on Android and iOS, the app allows you to buy stocks listed in the US and ETF, without paying commissions, and accessing through fingerprint or facial recognition. Mutual funds and debt securities (bonds) are also available in the app.


Analysis tools “powered” by artificial intelligence (“AI trading”) are the strength of this platform. Pattern detection, made possible by large-scale data analysis, gives the user a certain leverage, allowing them not to rely solely on their experience or, worse, on simple lucky guesses. However, Capital.com’s portfolio does not allow you to buy shares.

Interactive Brokers

Interactive Brokers covers over 30 countries, allows you to invest in Forex, binary options, shares or just a partial ownership of shares, ETFs etc., with low (Forex) or non-existent (stocks) commissions. However, it is not recommended for beginners – only experienced traders can navigate their fee system and the platform’s own logic.